Indoor & Outdoor Signage

Here in Saddleworth Print we can now bring you indoor and outdoor signage that will really impress your customers. From Restaurants to Hairdressers and Estate Agents to Hotels, whatever you need can now be yours at really competitive prices. Yes that’s right, we can even do a one off without the major set up costs . We now have the ability to bring you:

Foam Signs:

Foam signs are lightweight but slightly more rigid than Correx Signs and more cost-effective than Dibond making them perfect for indoor signage. They are easy to drill, cut, mount or hang. Our Foam Signs are available in two thicknesses (3mm and 5mm), 4 sizes (A3, A2, A1 and A0) and with 3 finishing options (square corners, rounded corners and drilled with rounded corners). Drill holes will be placed in each corner if you prefer this option.

Correx Signs:

A lightweight but durable material made from environmentally friendly polypropylene with a corrugated inner. Cost-effective and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Fluted Correx is commonly used by estate agents as “For Sale” signs. It is can be easily pierced for mounting or hanging making it an ideal substrate for point-of-sale displays. Our Correx signs come in A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes

Cardboard Signs:

Cardboard signs are a perfect solution for cost-effective, indoor signs. Their lightweight nature means they can easily be affixed to a wide range of surfaces. Our cardboard signs are printed on a 2000mic thick card on our HP Scitex 11000 using UV inks and available in A3, A2 and A1 sizes.

Dibond Signs:

Dibond is a rigid substrate that is made up of a polyethylene core pressed between two aluminium sheets. It is our strongest sign, whilst still being relatively lightweight. Designed for more permanent fixtures and fully weather proof due to our use of UV inks. Available in A4, A3. A2. A1 and A0 size and with the option for Square corners, rounded corners (10mm radius) or drilled with rounded corners (10mm radius). Drill holes will be placed in each corner of the sign

Perfect For: Permanent indoor or outdoor signs, Company Signs

Whiteboard Signs:

440mic Staufen is a lightweight material used for white marker board. It can be written on with a dry wipe pen making them the perfect pick for memo boards, to do lists and team target boards. Available in A4, A3, A2, A1 and AO sizes and can be easily cut or drilled to allow for hanging or mounting.

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